Simply Pray


Simply Pray

Simply Pray is a small book of prayers modeled after a similar booklet I received from Bethany Lutheran Church, Denver, Colorado.
This booklet has been in my Bible for more than 10 years. I go to it often when I want words to pray. These words speak what my heart longs to know or say. I have put several to memory as they guide me through the day, during times of discernment or worry, or when I seek commitment, clarity, and hope.
Please use them during this Lenten season or whenever a simple prayer is needed. For to simply pray is often the most profound action we dare to do as followers of Jesus.
Have a blessed Lent.
Ash Wednesday, 2011
Pr. Elaine K. Olson



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Our Mission


Saint Andrew’s Church and the Lutheran Campus Center is a worshipping and welcoming community. We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American and a community Reconciled in Christ welcoming all no matter ethnicity, orientation, ability or religious history. We are supported through the national church as well as various partner congregations within the Champaign/Urbana area.

We are a community following the teaching of Jesus centering ourselves around three active dynamics:
1) Worshiping God: remembering whose and who we are.
2) Ordering ourselves well for engaging minds, developing leadership, forming faith and playing
3) Acting with compassion to inspire service.

We are planted within the campus of the University of Illinois and seek to serve as a resource and partner with other religious workers, departments and campus activities.

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