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Our next person in our series #QuarantinedHumansofStAndrews is Truman, Class of 2023! Read on below:

Q: How are you doing right now?
A: I am doing rather well. I have been busy with getting used to a new schedule at home for school, but I have done some biking and exercise to keep me sane. I keep in touch with friends, but it certainly isn't the same as seeing them in person.

Q: How are you related to St. Andrew’s?
A: Irregular worship attender, facility caretaker, to name a few 😉

Q: What is your #QuaranTune , aka what song is your emotional support during quarantine?
A: I don't usually listen to it as much anymore, but a song I have in mind is Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne.

Q: Why do you like this song and/or why does it give you hope?
A: I know that the song was intended for people battling suicidal or depressing thoughts, but the lyrics and overall message of hope and determination and resilience to progress in life despite the odds is still applicable, in my opinion.

Q: Who/what is on your prayer list right now?
A: Specifically, policy makers (right now, there is disagreement because some politicians want to prioritize their own agenda over the needs of the unemployed and everyone in need, and this is causing a delay in the rescue package bill in Congress being passed). I pray that the people of Congress are given guidance to make the right decisions and focus on what really matters right now. In addition, I pray for educators who are trying to preserve the progress of the investments made in the futures of their students, as well as students who are adapting to the new system of learning at home, or wherever they may be isolated. Really, there isn't a single person on Earth who isn't in need of prayer right now in some way, but those are some specific things that I have been thinking about these first days of online learning.

Check out Truman's #QuaranTune here:

And check out our growing Spotify playlist here!
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Pastor Amy will be available between 1 and 3pm Saturday for check in and sharing praying concerns. Come anytime. No need to stay the entire time. ... See MoreSee Less

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That was a swell first Netflix Party! We watched “Self/Less” and it was one creepy film. More Wednesday night events are coming! ... See MoreSee Less

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