Lenten Reflection for Monday, March 10

Lenten Reflection for Monday, March 10


 God has nerved my arm with strength and skill;

      And I must toil

To subjugate each circumstance to life;

Or I shall sag

Into the soddenness of nerveless death.

Let me toil!


God has placed within my hand a sword;

And I must fight

The ghastly foes of honor, love and life;

Or I shall yield

As traitors yield and die as cowards die.

Let me fight!


God has set within my heart a flame:

And I must love

My fellowman through anguish, fear or pain;

Or I shall feel

The blight of selfness chill my soul within.

Let me love!


God has given my restless spirit wings:

And I must soar

Into the spreading blueness of the sky;

Or I shall sink

Into the soggy, choking mire below.

Let me soar!


God has breathed in me the breath of song:

And I must sing

Into the ever-dawning day of life;

Or I shall sob

Into the stillness of an endless night.

Let me sing!


–From Singing Sands and Silver Sea

by Kodaya(Osbert Wrightman Warmingham), ©1945