St. Andrew's Lutheran Campus Center


St Andrews is a student led church for students.  As such, there are many projects that are often beyond the financial and skilled resources of the regular attenders.  Those who would like to contribute to sustaining the ministry may do so financially or through gifts of time and talents.  Below are a number of current projects that would contribute greatly to the ministry.  If you have an interest or ability to help with any of these items, the St Andrews community would be grateful!  Please contact the Board at for specifics or to volunteer to undertake one of these projects.

COVID Related Projects

St. Andrews is following the University of Illinois’s lead in taking a cautious approach to in-person gathers.  Throughout the Spring and Summer semesters most students were out of town and all St Andrews events were held online.  As the University of Illinois has implemented strict testing rules and social distancing guidance, St Andrews would like to do the same.  In order to do so there are some additional items and services needed.  Please let us know if would like to help provide these things so that the ministry may have a safe in-person presence this Fall.

Outdoor COVID Projects/Purchases

  • Installation of an awning to provide some cover and gathering space in the ‘backyard’
  • Chairs that may be used outside in the backyard or front courtyard
  • Leveling of the backyard to improve accessibility (may require adding dirt as well as rolling)
  • Mobile PA system for worship
  • Installation of a outdoor electrical outlets

Indoor Special COVID Projects

  • Ventilation evaluation and recommended improvements
  • Funds for contracting with professional cleaning service
  • Purchase of extra hand sanitizer

Normal Building Projects

The St. Andrews building is an older building that was not designed for today’s world.  While discussions are underway for a major building renovation/replacement, there are many smaller projects that could improve the building for ministry today.

  • Weed and haul away yardwaste (check north side of building for old yardwaste/trash)  ==  Team lead identified
  • Possibly help with deck replacement (limited number of spots and will be on a specific date as someone is already ‘running’ the project) – Team lead identified
  • Haul away and dispose of old decking (date will need to be coordinating with those who are removing the deck) – Team lead identified
  • Figure out how to get weeds out from the basement window wells in the front courtyard/entrance area – Team lead identified
  • Patch and paint north door
  • Paint basement bathrooms and hallway leading to said bathrooms
  • Figure out the basement light switches, some seem to do nothing. Is there something that can be done to make getting to those basement bathrooms easier if all of the lights are off and you can’t find light switches – emergency or direction lights of some sort?
  • Freshen up the AA room, paint, different furniture
  • Take down walls of the ‘office in the common area’ to open the space up to the common area
  • Remove the ‘step’ that raises the altar area and lay new floor that blends with the rest of the worship area flooring. Removing the step improves/increases accessibility.
  • Construction consulting needed for kitchenette project (many labor companies are booked in Champaign/Urbana, it can be a challenge to find someone to even provide estimates for needed work such as plumbing and electrical)