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We have taken intentional steps to empower students to be the primary leadership in our ministry, and God has raised up those leaders in abundance. With two part time Student Ministers, we have seen a noticeable increase in student attendance in worship, participation in our Bible studies and events, and visibility on campus.

Our facility, however, has fallen far behind in its ability to support our mission, and it has become a stumbling block to our ministry. A few years ago, we opened an Accessibility Fund we hoped would allow us to install an elevator or lift so our many active students in wheelchairs would be able to get around our entire building (for an accessibility update, click here). After more study and talk with contractors, we discovered other serious maintenance problems and design flaws that make retrofitting impossible. For this reason, we are putting on hold further collection of funds for the Accessibility Fund. Our pledge is to put all the Accessibility Funds already raised toward accessibility, regardless what our next steps will be.

Our mission and identity are clear; we are in need of a facility that supports that mission and identity. The lively corner of this huge university where St. Andrew’s sits is too valuable a gift to lose for the ministry of the Church, so after much prayerful and informed discernment, our hope is to stay, explore our concrete options for more significant facility work, create a plan, and work toward making it reality.

Our regular operating budget supports students who need community, who need a place of grace, who need a place to worship, explore faith, learn, and serve, and who are in crisis or eager to help others in crisis.=As a campus ministry, we depend on outside gifts, and we are actively working toward more sustainable support. With your partnership, we will be able to stay in this place and keep moving into God’s future for us.

We are deeply grateful for your prayer and financial support, and we ask you to consider a gift using the button below or by sending a check (written to “St. Andrew’s Lutheran Campus Center”) to

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