Our Mission

St. Andrew’s sees itself primarily as a ministry for students at both the University of Illinois and Parkland College. We recognize our unique location at UIUC: across from the University YMCA, across from the main Quad, and between a sorority and student housing. Though some worship with us who are not affiliated with UIUC, our location says it all. We do ministry to, with, for, and by students. Non-students who worship with us and participate in our life together are eager for the kind of ministry found on a university campus: a ministry welcoming of questions and challenge, intellectually inquisitive and thoughtful, and always in dialogue with the academic rigors found across the street and in the lives of many of our people.

We are Lutheran in affiliation and take our heritage seriously, but people of every background find welcome among us. We are a resource center for people in crisis, a home away from home, a place of grace, a community of prayer and support, shaped and guided by the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ that sets us free to live as God’s children.

Office Hours of the Lutheran Campus Center:
Monday through Friday 10am-2pm.

Appointments for other times may be easily arranged.
Telephone: (217) 344-1593