Board Membership Process

in Champaign, Illinois is seeking individuals interested in joining the Board.  We encourage and welcome individuals to be nominated that bring a variety of individual talents, experience, and perspectives, and are interested in sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ within a Campus Ministry context.  

Some things to know:

  • Terms are for 2 years and typically begin in January.  
  • Board members are nominated by their home congregations to serve with St. Andrew’s.  Each home congregation can choose how to select their nominees in whatever manner makes sense for them. 
  • Members of the Board will meet with nominees to discuss Board member responsibilities
  • Nominees are voted onto the Board by current Board members.
  • An individual may serve up to 3 consecutive terms.
  • The estimated monthly time commitment for a St. Andrew’s Board member is 5 hours.
  • Board meetings are held monthly and average 2 hours or less in length.
  • Board members are expected to attend and actively engage in board meetings.
  • Meeting dates, times, and mode (in-person/Zoom) are set monthly by the Board members.
  • Board members are requested to serve on a Board committee (Development, Property, Budget/Audit) and assist with development efforts.
  • Board members are encouraged to attend worship and participate in St. Andrew’s activities as they are able.
  • Board members will represent St. Andrew’s well in the community.

Please email the following to

  • Nominee’s Name:
  • Home Congregation:
  • Congregation Selection Process:  [Pastor or Council Appointment, Council or Congregation Vote, Other]
  • Brief Nominee Bio:  (Short paragraph appropriate for Board materials indicating reason for joining St. Andrew’s Board, special skills, background, or gifts to be used by St. Andrew’s, etc.)
  • Nomination submitted by:
  • Nomination date:

Individuals interested in volunteering outside of Board membership are encouraged to join one of the Board Committees (Development, Property, Budget/Audit). 

Questions?  Email: