St. Andrew’s is currently in a transitional time between pastors.  To ensure the community of St. Andrew’s is supported we are reaching out to a network of individuals who may be able to serve in different capacities through this transition.  Some of those needs are outlined below.  If you have questions or would like to help serve in this interim time please contact our staff.  

Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team at St. Andrew’s is available to meet one on one with individuals seeking pastoral support and guidance. 

  • If you are interested in providing pastoral care services, please contact our staff at:  
  • If you are in need of pastoral care, please submit this form.  Your request will remain confidential.  

Pulpit Supply

St. Andrew’s Music Minister and members of the Council Worship Committee have outlined services for the semester.  Members of the St. Andrew’s community have always played a large part of leading worship services.  This will continue!  The community values the sacrament of communion and would love to be able to offer communion in worship at least every other week and is requesting an ordained pastor for those weeks. The schedule is flexible! If you would like to support St. Andrew’s through pulpit supply on any of these weeks, please contact the office and request access to the schedule details. 

(Schedule table current as of: 1/17/2021) 

Date Service Time Pastor Desired for Communion (Y or N) Pastor Name: Season
1/23/22 10:30 AM Y   3rd Sunday after Epiphany
1/30/22 10:30 AM N N/A 4th Sunday after Epiphany
2/6 10:30 AM Y   5th Sunday after Epiphany
2/13 10:30 AM N N/A  (Marcus) 6th Sunday after Epiphany
2/20 10:30 AM Y   7th Sunday after Epiphany
2/27 10:30 AM Y Ron Poe Transfiguration Sunday
3/2 Evening TBD Y   Ash Wednesday
3/6 Evening TBD N N/A   (Emilie) First Sunday in Lent
3/13 Evening TBD     Second Sunday in Lent (Spring Break)
3/20 Evening TBD Y Paul Chapman Third Sunday in Lent (Spring Break)
3/27 Evening TBD N N/A Fourth Sunday in Lent
4/3 Evening TBD N N/A Fifth Sunday in Lent
4/10 Evening TBD   Lynette Chapman Palm Sunday
4/14/2021? Evening TBD Y   Maundy Thursday
4/15 Evening TBD N N/A Good Friday
4/17 10:30 AM Y   Easter Sunday
4/24 10:30 AM N N/A Second Sunday of Easter
5/1 10:30 AM Y   Third Sunday of Easter (Grad Sunday)
5/8 10:30 AM N N/A Fourth Sunday of Easter
5/15/2021? 10:30 AM Y   Fifth Sunday of Easter