An official wondering about “un-official”.

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An official wondering about “un- official.”

This is only my second year as pastor at St. Andrew’s and I’m still learning about “unofficial,” a day to observe St. Patrick’s Day before St. Patrick’s Day. It is an official day to play, and in playing, the over consumption and abuse of alcohol by many is significant and supported as official. This is a day, from my understanding, supported by many of the bars in town. Many visitors from other campuses come to party hard. Many stories are told about this day. There is much “craziness” to watch. “Unofficial” is officially something of significance.

As a pastor, I could officially preach about the evils of alcohol, or lecture about the harmfulness of drinking too much. At the center we could sponsor programs as alternative actions. We could try to offer care for the party-goers. There are lots of possible things we could do. There are many things we have done, officially for unofficial.

But there are a few official things that I would like to encourage for those of you enjoying unofficial.

-          First, I will officially pray for the safety of all those who participate.

-          Second, I officially encourage that those of you who are officially enjoying unofficial find ways to take care each other, be watchful, be attentive, be caring, be servants, be smart.

-          And third, I officially encourage those of you not participating to find ways to support and care for each other, knowing that fun and laughter can be officially delightful and authentic in a variety of ways. I officially look forward to hearing those “unofficial stories.”

May the grace of God pour into this day. May the power of love officially empower all to find ways to laugh and play and delight within responsible and officially care-filled acts.  Unofficial can be officially something of significance.


Pr. Elaine


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