empty tomb’s “Work-a-thon”

St Andrew’s folks — here is what we need to make a food delivery on March 5, empty tomb’s “Work-a-thon”.  Please sign up for one or more items.  I will pledge a minimum of $50 (total) for folks who participate.  If you are going to be doing the delivery, and especially if you would like to stay for lunch at empty tomb, do go to their website and sign up.  Thank you!

_____  I am willing to make the delivery on Saturday morning, March 5 (and I can drive ___).

_____  I will contribute $____ toward the cost of any needed items not otherwise contributed.

I will buy, and bring to the church by 9am Saturday March 5:

___  boxes of cold cereal (1 or 2)

___  18 oz box of oatmeal or other hot cereal

___  a jar of mayo or “Miracle Whip” salad dressing

___ 11 oz can(s) of soup [we need 2 chicken noodle, 2 vegetable beef, 2 tomato, 1 cream of mushroom]

___  28 oz jar of peanut butter

___  jar of jelly

___  16oz cans of vegetables [we need 7 cans total: corn, peas, green beans, carrots; NOT tomato sauce, kidney beans, etc]

___  16 to 20 oz cans of fruit [peaches, pears, applesauce, pineapple; try for light or juice-packed]

___  2 7-oz boxes of macaroni & cheese

___  spaghetti noodles (16 or 32 oz)

___  spaghetti sauce (16 or 32 oz)

___  flat or “egg” noodles, 16 oz

___ water-packed tuna, 1 or 2 6-oz cans

___  corn muffin mix, 7- or 8-oz box

___  rice, 16 oz

___  toilet paper, 4 pack

___  bottle of fruit juice, or can of concentrate

I will buy the following fresh items and bring them to St Andrew’s on Friday afternoon (3/4) or Saturday morning by 9am:

___  lettuce, 1 head

___  carrots, 1 pound

___  other fresh vegetable (tomato? green pepper?)

___  5 pound bag of potatoes

___  3 bananas

___  3 apples

___  ground beef (1 or 2 pounds)

___  whole chicken (or 3 pounds of legs)

___  2% milk [we need 2 gallons]

___  1 dozen eggs

___  margarine, 1 pound

___  large loaf of bread [we need 2]

___  can(s) of frozen orange juice [we need 2]


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