Being Faithful Means Asking Questions

I just returned from a national gathering of campus pastors and student leaders with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I experienced the national church at its best. Bishop Mark Hanson boldly proclaimed the gospel of God’s embracing grace for all the world. He encouraged us to speak boldly of this truth and invite all to come and see – to come and see Jesus.

Bishop Hanson encouraged us to go out into the world and have holy conversations wondering with others. He encouraged us to not be afraid to engage the hard questions of our time. Questions open us for transformation. In this openness, the power of the Spirit reveals the goodness, compassion, healing and grace of God made known to us in Jesus.

So as the academic year begins, many are unloading their cars and vans and loading dorms and apartments with the treasures of their life. Many have stopped me asking questions. “Where do I catch the bus to the mall?” “Where is the student union?” “Do you speak Spanish?” “Can I park here?” “Where do I find Busey Bank?” These students are ready and open to be transformed by college life and learning.

So, we at St. Andrew’s will start inviting and asking questions, too. We will invite people to come and see Jesus through questions, but these questions will be different, for they are questions that have no easy answers. These are questions that will need a community to struggle together to seek truth.

So, I’m getting ready for questions. Questions I ask. And questions others ask me. We’ll post them around the building, on signs outside and on facebook – “Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Campus Center”. (Please become a fan.) Send an email, drop by the campus center and ask, because faithfulness asks questions.

Why? I wonder.

Pr. Elaine


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