Bring a Friend to Church!

Bring a friend to church!    This is the number one way to be involved in evangelism and outreach.   As you are excited and interested about the community of faith to which you belong, this excitement is contagious.  This interest is catching.   This is the invitation that builds community.

One definition of evangelism is “to invite people more deeply into Jesus and into  the community that bears His name.”    It is not necessarily to demand conversion.  It is not necessary to have a fully developed speech and marketing plan.  It is not necessary to even know all the answers about Jesus.  In fact, most of us who grow in the faith, actually engage more in the questions than in the answers.  It is only necessary to invite. For in the invitation is the power of the love of Jesus to do what it needs to do.

It’s enough to say, “I’d like to have you come to church with me on Sunday.  There are some people I’d like you to meet.”   Or, “Will you join me for worship on Sunday?   Come and see what you think.”   Or, “Hey, I’m going to church on Sunday.   Do you want to come along?”    Inviting friends into important parts of your life extends honor to them and to you.  It is an invitation for conversation into the meaning of life and change for the world; to remind the world of what, for the most part, it has forgotten; that it is deeply loved.

So at St. Andrew’s, Sunday, April 11th, is “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday.”   If you come to St. Andrew’s, we’re going to have a potluck after church.  The invitation then is also to lunch.    If you worship at another congregation, invite a friend to go with you.  Who knows what will happen?

See you in church.

Pr. Elaine


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