Daily Lenten Reflection for Tuesday, March 11

One of the great struggles we all wrestle with spiritually is the determination of our calling. What are God’s plans for my life? we often wonder. Even with a good notion of our calling, the uncertainty rarely fully fades. Is this really what God is calling me to do? It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that once we discern God’s calling for our lives, things will go swimmingly. It’s important to remember that what God has in mind for us isn’t necessarily easy. Take, for instance, Jesus’s 40 days of fasting in the wilderness followed by his temptation. As any human would do when times get tough, I suspect he may have had some doubts about the direction his faith was taking him. The next time you find yourself doubting the steps you take towards your calling, keep in mind these observations by writer Shakirah A. Hill:


1) “You are not alone” – Even through the thick and thin, God has promised to be there for you.


2) “Difficult doesn’t mean destitute” – Your calling may be hard, but God will provide all that you need.


3) “It’s at the Cross” – Ultimately, your calling is the Cross: taking it up with all its weight and lack of glory.


Thought for the day: God doesn’t call us to be successful. God calls us to be faithful. (Paraphrase of Mother Teresa)


–Devotion inspired by and adapted from Shakirah A. Hill’s article

“Your Calling Isn’t Meant to Be Easy”


Submitted by Brian Gibbons


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