Faith & Science in Dialogue

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Faith & Science in Dialogue: Rheticus Forum

We invite you to an evening lecture series this fall at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Campus Center. We will be looking at the challenges individuals meet when approaching the integration of scientific disciplines & religion. Each lecture will be followed by refreshments & conversation.

7PM Steve Shoemaker, PhD

Steve Shoemaker hosts “Keepin’ the Faith,” a Sunday evening interview show on WILL AM-580. The show features interviews on issues of spirituality, ethics, values & religion. Shoemaker holds a Ph.D. in Religion from Duke University.

7PM Daniel W. Pack, PhD

Daniel W. Pack is Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the U of I.  His research focuses on the design & development of drug & gene delivery systems & devices. He is an active member at Windsor Road Christian Church.

7PM Alexander Scheeline, PhD

Alexander Scheeline is Professor of Chemistry at the U of I & a member of Sinai Temple. His research interests include complex, nonlinear systems, instrument development & sensors for the study of reactive oxygen species. He is on CU Jewish Federation board.


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