God Be With Ye?

As I sit at my desk, looking out my window, I’ve been pondering these last days as the semester comes to a close.  The number of students walking by is dwindling.   The focus now on the campus is to study, to finish projects, to take the final exams, to pack and to leave for summer.

And we remain here on the corner, just a remnant few during the break.  However, this remnant is still faithful for we gather for the sake of the whole.  Each week we pray, sing, talk, eat and laugh through the echo of the voices who are gone.  Each week we bless bread and eat, just a remnant, knowing we live into the wholeness of the body of Christ.

And those of us who remain here, say “Good-bye.”   But this word is an interesting blessing, for it is a shortened form of a saying pronouncing blessing, “God Be With Ye.”    Yes, saying good bye is the blessing we send to those who have been part of our community and will return next fall.  And it is also the blessing we say to all those who have talked with us and now commence into a new life of vocation and call.

We pray for God to be with you.  We know that as the Body of Christ we remain interconnected no matter where in the world we may be – South America, Europe, Chicago, New York, Connecticut or just a few towns away.   As the body of Christ we are united in this love through the power of the Holy Spirit.

So we part, sending you a blessing of “Good-bye.”   “God be with ye.”

“God be with you indeed.”  May God hold you in the palm of God’s hand.   And, thanks for being with us.


Pastor Elaine


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