Monday Musing from May 3rd

We celebrated Sunday with songs of thanksgiving, words of gratitude and a reception for the legacy of generosity.   Why?   We have been presented a gift of $14000 from Trinity Lutheran in Mattoon, IL.   Even as the ministry in Mattoon closed in 2010, the members have chosen to continue its mission through the support of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Campus Center.    Members of the community presented our community with a check and words of encouragement.  They came to the ministry to affirm the formation of church leaders even as their own church closed.

Henri Nouwen in his book Our Greatest Gift: Meditations on Dying and Caring suggests that the last gift we give each other at the end of life is the courage and the faithfulness we show to the world as our lives end. A legacy gift is one that does just that.  A legacy gift makes sure that the values and hopes we carry in our own lives, continues into the generations that follow. Surely, the people at Trinity Lutheran in Mattoon, have shared with us such a gift.  For that we are deeply grateful.

See you in church.

Pr. Elaine


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