I’m curious, what is your WORD for the year?

End of Year Musing
December 29, 2010

I’m curious, what is your WORD for the year?

So what IS your word for the year? What is the word that you find yourself using again and again? What is the word that captures the events of the year? What is the word, one word, which captures the essence of 2010?

My word is “curious”. A few people have told me that I use the word a great deal, along with saying “I wonder.” “Isn’t it curious?” I might say in a sermon when reflecting on the text for the week. “I find it curious,” I will reflect when counseling someone when they are stuck.

During the twenty years as a psychotherapist, I was told by several supervisors that when a therapist loses their curiosity about a client, the work of therapy is no longer useful. If you have the situation or a person figured out, the therapist begins the work of “fixing the client” instead of empowering the person to find their own way through. I was taught to remain in relationship with others by being curious, wanting to learn more. I believe the same is true for a leader.

The dictionary defines “curious” as an eagerness to learn more and to get more information about a particular subject or to find out about others. Curious is the strange, the unexpected, or the hard to explain.

I am curious about the stories that shape us. I wonder how the stories of God’s holy people are relevant today. I am curious about the world, lives of others, the power of human resilience, for in it I discover the strange, the unexpected and mysteries that delight, challenge and shape me.

It is said that curiosity killed the cat. What an ominous sign. But, curiosity takes a bit of courage, patience and tenacity. And, most importantly, curiosity leads to adventure, discovery and deeper connections for loving relationships.

This year has indeed been a curious one. For I keep discovering more about the people that I love and those I don’t like so well. I find myself loving more because of it. I keep exploring the ancient texts along with modern writing and discover new ideas that teach about love, life, hope and pain. I discover new things yet again. I keep learning more about myself. As I turned 60 this year, it’s curious, for I have discovered life just keeps getting better.

My word for 2010 – “curious”. So, I’m curious, what is yours?

Pr. Elaine


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