Meditations for Advent: Day 5

Lord of all Wisdom,


We thank you for your Word, Jesus Christ.

Illumine our minds and bodies

by that Word

so that we might see every part of your creation

as a reflection of your glory.


In particular help us not miss

the small and contingent rocks, plants and animals

in which children so delight.


Make us children,

so that we might enjoy the sheer giftedness of your creation.   Amen.


Stanley Hauerwas,

Prayers Plainly Spoken


Donec et mi molestie, bibendum metus et, vulputate enim. Duis congue varius interdum. Suspendisse potenti. Quisque et faucibus enim. Quisque sagittis turpis neque. Quisque commodo quam sed arcu hendrerit, id varius mauris accumsan.

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