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Yoga Class  - Hatha

Monday – 7:30pm

Cost  – $5 per session

Lutheran Campus Center

 We will explore being rooted by earth’sgravitational influences and our individual histories as we reach through our
compassionate hearts towards being a part of the heavens.  In our practice we will purposefully move slowly into and then out of  poses (asanas) influenced by and as an expression of our breath.

 Instructor:  Steven (Steve) Willette has been practicing yoga for thirteen years and is in his seventh year of teaching.

Steve believes breath is primary in yoga.  Every movement into and out of a pose as well as the pose itself is an expression of one’s breath.  No style of yoga practice is appropriate for every body; however, the practice of yoga is appropriate for everyone.  Every practice begins by assessing the needs and abilities of each student, striving to create a group session which is  accessible, inspiring, and an inner adventure of self-discovery.  The journey on the mat offers us the opportunity to move the practice into everyday life  incorporating openness, grace, beauty and passion.

 Off of the mat, Steve is passionate about cycling, landscaping and gardening.  He is an independent financial planner with a focus on an evolving balanced and transparent portfolio, a co-owner of a recently awarded patent of a green oil remediation product, as well as forming in March 2010 HLW Distributing, llc to market, sell and distribute a line of premium innovative green lifestyle products beginning with US exclusive rights for Fibragave.

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Steven Willette



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