Meditation for Advent: Day 16

Meditation for Advent: Day 16

O God,

As I look back at my life

I see many little pieces of light.

They have given me hope and comfort

in my bleak and weary times.

I thank you for the radiance

Of a dark sky full of stars,

and for the faithful light of dawn

which follows every turn of darkness.

I thank you for loved ones and strangers

whose inner beacons of light

have warmed and welcomed my pain.

I thank you for your Presence in my depths,

protecting, guiding, reassuring, loving.

I thank you for all those life surprises

which sparked a bit of hope in my ashes.

And, yes, I thank you for my darkness

(the unwanted companion I shun and avoid),

because this pushy intruder comes with truth

and reveals my hidden treasures to me.

~Joyce Rupp,  Little Pieces of Light:  Darkness & Personal Growth